Carmen Goldstein
Carmen Goldstein

about me

Studies of alternative Treatments including Physiology, Pathology and Anatomie of animals at the ATM School with certificate (dogs, cats and homeopatic) 2005


lots of additional studies over the last 15 Years - in special animaltalk and energetic works (spiritual healing Diethard Stelzl and Tiertalk Beate Seebauer - both well known writers and healers) - please find some of my Exams here:

Seminare und Fortbildungen


3 Years of work at a Vet as assistance for practical experience


3 Years of work at one of the biggest animal shelter in Germany - 2 of the 3 Years with diseased cats - for much more experience


what I do

Energetic work in different kind of ways


Bio Balancing - with a Rayonex - device

(works without electricity. it uses the magnetic field of the earth to generate frequencies we use)


Spiritual Healing - done all by my self in combination with contact to the animals soul (telepathic)


Animal Communication - a telepathic way of communikation with all kind of animals - helpful for issues no one knows why they exist - or aggressiveness, anxiety, explaining new situations, trauma treatment


what you get

all my experience and engagement for your animal

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